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Special Requirements

Do you need to provide predictive dialing or third party verification services and want to pay only for what you use?


Call Centers Profile Form

1. a) How many years has your call center been in business? Answer:
b) Please state the city & country where your call center is located:

2. What percentage of your business is outbound? Answer: %

3. What percentage of your business is inbound? Answer: %

4. What percentage of your business is Business to Consumer? Answer: %

5. What percentage of your business is Business to Business? Answer: %

6. How many call stations do you have in total? Answer:

7. How many agents do you presently have working for you? Answer:

8. How many agents can you provide from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.? Answer:

9. How many agents can you provide from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.? Answer:

10. Can you provide a 24/7 inbound service? Answer:

11. Can you provide International Calling? a) Yes b) No

If yes, please list your available languages:

12. a) Please state the campaign domains which your call center specializes in.
1. 2. 3.

b) Will you give us three bonafide references which we can call to confirm the above? Answer:

13. Please select the categories applicable to your present technological system.

Predictive Dialer 2- Text Chat 3- Voice Over IP 4- Web Enabled
5- Web Call Back 6- Email Response 7- Web Collaboration

8- Other Features, please list:

14. What is the minimum amount of hours which you will accept as a new project? Answer: hours/week.

a) What is your general outbound fee rate? $ (US) per hour/per agent.
b) What is your general inbound fee rate? ¢ (US) per minute/per agent.

16. Do you provide complete agent training as per client’s requirements? a) Yes b) No
If yes, what is the cost per hour? $ (US)/agent.

Please comment as to why our future campaign directors should give your Call Center their business:

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